Have you ever wondered What’s an eCommerce SEO Checklist? What does it really mean?

Is it possible you are searching online for answers, as it may be time to relook at your Website’s SEO – and see where you can optimize?

Why optimize?

Because a website that is well optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is sure to get highest page rankings on Google and other search engines.

It is for this reason that you should get a Checklist going, starting with 10 pointers to start with, expanding on action steps as you, your website and your Business grow in unison.

Check to see if these 10 Handy tips are on your SEO Checklist.

1) Create great Content.
Cornerstone Content if possible, being sure to write for humans and not search engine crawls..
2) Find a great SEO tool for maximum results.
3) Ensure your website is easy to crawl. Fix all broken links, image URL links, missing meta descriptions etc.
4) Have a good internal & external linking structure.

5) Get high authority backlinks and show product or service reviews where possible.

6) Use Social Media to market website blogs and pages.
7) Minimize image sizes for speed whilst using good pixel quality where possible.
8) Use lightweight plug-ins that are compatible & recommended for your website.
9) If using WordPress & a theme as an example, consider Elementor for a simplified URL structure and eye-catching template designs.
10) Ensure your site speed is good on both pc and mobile devices.

Focusing on these 10 simple SEO tips are sure to get you seeing significant page ranking improvements within time.
As you progress, you will find more plug-ins and online tools to help you rank better online.  Tweaking your system over time is sure to get you closer to attaining your online goals too.

To your Success.
Karen Roux ⚘️

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What’s an eCommerce SEO Checklist?