Are you looking to join Instantly Ageless’ Affiliate programme as a Business? 

join Instantly Ageless' Affiliate programme?

Are you looking to join Instantly Ageless’ Affiliate programme? Yes, Instantly Ageless® Texas USA. Or a Plug & Play Anti-aging Networking Business with US Jeunesse Global®, Lifewave® or other players in the Advanced Age-Referral niche?

For those in South Africa, are you in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban, eager to collaborate with esteemed Anti-Aging companies that are offering Affiliate programs both within South Africa and internationally?

Unless you are researching from Europe, Far East, Middle East, South America or North America – and you are either in New York, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, London, Paris or Tokyo, looking to join the Age Reversal Industry? If yes, you are at the right place at the right time.


As we see it, you have two exciting choices for access to numerous Age Reversal Companies –

Either you wish to purchase highly effective products as a Customer, either joining to BUY for Wholesale or at Retail pricing.

Or you wish to make a Business of the opportunity, whilst utilizing the products on offer – then you may REGISTER for the Affiliate programme.


So you are not interested in the Affiliate Business aspect (no problem at all) and simply want to buy highly effective Anti-aging Products from Instantly Ageless, Jeunesse Global, LifeWave and other highly innovative Anti-Aging companies?

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Are you intrigued by the possibility of becoming a wholesale Customer, and when ready, owning your own Affiliate Business at Instantly Agless®?  If yes, you are welcome to register. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the e-Commerce Anti-aging industry with Instantly Ageless® USA and others – and want to get going immediately?

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join Instantly Ageless' Affiliate programme
Enter Instantly Ageless & others!

On offer is the INSTANTLY AGELESS Anti-aging opportunity, which began its journey with its inaugural product launch in 2008. 

In great demand, we began Affiliate distribution of Instantly Ageless eye cream via Jeunesse Global in 2015, being 6 years after they launched on 09/09/09 in Florida, USA.

LiveWave began in 2004 by helping people realize their greatest potential – their good health.

Buy Instantly Ageless and other Anti-aging products
You may purchase directly via the links provided, whether it’s for
the immediate, on demand diminishment of puffy eye bags, fine line and wrinkles you are wanting (in 2 minutes)
adult stem cell, resveratrol and telomere technology based skin care, health and wellness product packages, backed by solid science you want
patches designed to elevate peptides known to activate your stem cells to improve energy, sleep and general wellness, that you’ve been searching for.
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Here’s an exciting update:
A 9 year affiliation of ours has been alongside Jeunesse Global® Florida, USA.  Independently represented by Ageless Beauty Xtreme Cape Town, we sold thousands of boxes of the original Instantly Ageless topical eye cream and more.
We now boast an impressive 25+ Five-Star Google Business rating (100% Five-Star), reflecting our commitment to Affiliate excellence and Customer satisfaction. All of this within in a $200 billion global Anti-aging Industry that’s expanding at a rate, never quite imagined before.
Ever wondered why Affiliate Businesses have become so popular, VS a Traditional Business?

Advantages of an Affiliate Marketing Business:
No Inventory:
Affiliate marketers typically don’t need to maintain inventory of products, reducing overhead costs and the need for warehouse space.
Minimal Overhead:
Since affiliate marketers don’t need to invest in physical products or manage inventory, overhead costs are significantly lower compared to traditional businesses.
No Staff Required:
Affiliate marketers can operate independently or with a small team, eliminating the need for hiring and managing employees.
Affiliate marketing offers flexibility in terms of working hours and location, allowing individuals to work from anywhere with an internet connection.
Low Barrier to Entry:
Starting an affiliate marketing business often requires minimal upfront investment, making it accessible to a wide range of people.
Affiliate marketing businesses can be scaled relatively easily by adding more affiliate partnerships and expanding into new niches or markets.

Impressive or what? Of course there is nothing wrong with the Traditional route, where you create your business infrastructure, hire staff, manage inventory, and establish your own eCommerce brand. 

Alternatively, you are welcome to delve into Affiliate marketing, where you sell someone else’s products. You let them handle production, dispatch, inventory costs, and warehousing. You focus on social selling, sharing products or business opportunities with your network, and reaping the rewards.

If the Affiliate Marketing Business option resonates, we might just have the plug-and-play global business model you have been looking for. We’re here to guide you through the basics, from 2 minute website setup to SEO and marketing.

Which Anti-aging Company:

Next choice – which Anti-Aging Affiliate Business is going to suit you best? Let’s explore one of a few handpicked US dollar based opportunities below.

Once you’ve done that – and you’re prepared to embark on the exciting venture of establishing a successful e-Commerce Business online, in tandem with top-tier brands within Billion Dollar Industries, we will be ready & waiting to extend a warm welcome to you –

and to the vibrant realm of XTREME BUSINESS NETWORK South Africa.

Here, you’ll discover Ageless Instantly Xtreme and Ageless Beauty Xtreme Cape Town. Not forgetting Global Entrepreneur as well as for those preferring mobile networks VS Anti-Aging, South Africa’s latest, most favourite MNVO Melon Mobile at Melon Affiliate Xtreme.

Xtreme Business Network. Predictive Success, one Affiliation at a time.
Anti-aging Affiliate
Advanced Anti-aging Brand Affiliate

Welcome to Ageless Instantly Xtreme, a prominent affiliate under the Xtreme Business Network’s expansive umbrella.

Explore a global opportunity in the Anti-Aging sector, where we transcend borders, reaching 80+ countries. As an Advanced Anti-aging Brand Affiliate, you have the chance to earn from customers and entrepreneurs worldwide. At Ageless Instantly Xtreme, we advocate that looking and feeling young is a right, not a privilege. We firmly believe that substantial earnings for your efforts and access to our US$-based business opportunity should be accessible to all.

Step into the realm of Instantly Ageless, headquartered in Texas, USA, proudly represented by us at Ageless Instantly Xtreme in Cape Town, South Africa.

Unleash the potential of timeless beauty and financial success with us.

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Watch the model’s right (left facing screen) under eye bag – and the mobile phone timer too..

Have we got your attention now? 

Would you like access to in-demand products such as this eye bag removal solution?

A temporary solution that works right in front of your eyes. A product that comes with a money back Guarantee and huge earning potential?

How about a permanent solution? We have it all.

Are you looking to join Instantly Ageless USA as an Affiliate Business or Customer?

See you over on the Anti-aging page shortly, should you be serious about building an online global Business, within the $200 billion thriving Anti-Aging Industry. 


Remaining dedicated to our Mission Statement is a key component of our achievement.
join Instantly Ageless' Affiliate programme?

Empowering lives through cutting-edge technology and timeless wellness, our mission at Xtreme Business Network transcends industries. Where innovation and well-being meet. Leaving a legacy of positive impact for generations to come.

We pioneer excellence in the Anti-Aging realm. Through Ageless Instantly Xtreme and Ageless Beauty Xtreme, we redefine beauty and well-being. Committed to enriching lives, our mission harmonizes innovation in both communication and rejuvenation.

Join us as we shape the future, fostering connectivity and timeless radiance in an Anti-aging world that thrives on global, collaborative Success.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board soon!

Karen Roux

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Are you wishing to join the Instantly Ageless’ Affiliate programme?