About Our Anti-aging Affiliate Businesses

About Our Anti-aging Affiliate Businesses

At Xtreme Business Network it is about helping you build an online Affiliate Business – a solid eCommerce Business for you and your family to enjoy. More so, building within the $200 billion global Anti-Ageing Industry. 

Let’s first cover Anti-aging side of Xtreme Business Network, where we serve as Independent Distributors & Enrollment facilitators for other Companies.  Let’s look at Instantly Ageless, Fortworth, Texas USA.

Thereafter we can cover the actual Affiliate Opportunity, including Business dashboard, website, income streams, your immediate presence in 80+ countries around the world once registered online etc.

Then at the bottom of the page, you get to the actual attention grabbing products, some working right in front of your eyes..


Important Information:

While we maintain Affiliate Agreements with several Age-Reversal companies, we adhere to the online requirements of these Affiliate and Network Marketing Companies. Most do not allow for multiple companies being showcased on the same page, especially if products are similar in nature. Therefore, we may only showcase one company at a time on our web pages or social media posts.

Currently, Instantly Ageless is our prime Affiliate opportunity featured here. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. For inquiries about other opportunities within the Age Reversal niche, please feel free to contact us.


Have we got your attention now? 

Would you like access to in-demand products such as this eye bag removal solution?

A temporary solution that works right in front of your eyes. A product that comes with a money back Guarantee and huge earning potential?

How about a permanent solution? We have it all.


Xtreme Business Network is what happens when a Company like ours partners with a hand-picked number of highly innovative US Affiliate Anti-ageing Brands.


Age Reversal Technologies 

We are blessed to have an Affiliate Partner Association with Brands like Instantly Ageless that are laser focused on Argireline® peptide technology, Collagen production activation, Keratin based Hair Building Fibers and a lot more.

Plus another brand focused on Advanced Stem Cell Technology, Epigenetics, Telomere Science, Circadian Rhythms and more.

Not forgetting non transdermanl patches that use specific light frequencies emitted by the body, with photobiomodulation modulating cellular functions, promoting healing and regeneration within the body.

These successes materialised when a select Team of Corporate geniuses, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons and Scientists decided to work together.  To create legacy, proprietary Anti-Aging products that perform beyond imagination. Some right in front of your eyes!

With that came increased product demand. And the need for Distributors in Africa and around the world.

Product Distribution

The Anti-aging component of Xtreme Business Network has been at the forefront of Advanced Anti-ageing product distribution in Africa since 2015. Our Teams of Global Distributors, Agents and Customers have ensured an increase in demand for these products. 

Independent Distributors

Our Team of Global Entrepreneurs have been operating as Independent Global Distributors since 2015. 

As we are continuously growing our Network and coverage, we are on a mission to empower others by simply sharing the unique US$ based Affiliate Business opportunity, with both Customers and Business owners within their Network of Agents and Associates. 

This is where you come in. If you are keen on earning a good commission in return for recommendations and product distribution, we have what you are looking for.

Anti-ageing and Wealth Creation is our calling.

We go beyond our zones of comfort to ensure that all within our Circle of Brilliance benefit to the max. Always.


Xtreme Business Network is About you building an online Affiliate Business that you and your family can rely upon.

Building solid e-commerce-type Businesses within the $200 billion global Anti-Ageing Industry.

Here is a recent birthday celebration that Associates in the UAE recently had.

Unforgettable moments. Dreaming big.  Making it happen.

Billion Dollar Industries now accessible to all

A big deciding factor for me and my Team firstly were the number of industries that we got to cover within 1 Company.

We went about investigating the following global Industries:

Weight Management $104 billion, Skin Care $262 billion, Make up $60 billion, Wellness 27.6 billion, Haircare 78.8 billion, Energy Drinks 9.8 billion 

Next realizaton was that with this billion dollar Affiliation, not only could we facilitate distribution of highly Innovative Anti-Ageing product solutions globally, we could also Empower Entrepreneurs from all around the world to excel.

They could ultimately give back to their communities, being of extreme importance to all on the Journey to Financial Freedom and Success.

Community Wealth Building just got a whole lot closer. 

As it was a Business no-brainer, my Team and I locked arms with a few key Anti-Aging Brand leaders and the rest is history.

Contact Us at Xtreme Business Network if keen to know more About Our Anti-aging Affiliate Businesses – and how to build them online
building an online Affiliate Business
What do we do at Xtreme Business Network?

We simply Identify and match Customer’s and Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle needs with exclusive, scientifically based products within an e-commerce Plug and Play Business model – created especially for those requiring an additional income earning opportunity as well.

We are here to assist you with your online registration, getting your application approved and ensuring that you’re fully operational within minutes of applying.


What do you get when registering online?

You get a fully operational replicated Website, a Shopping Cart, Retail Store, back office Marketing Tools, an e-Commerce Business Dashboard and a lot more.

We then invite your to join HQ’s Instantly Ageless Affiliate Training page on Facebook, covering both product and system training, as well as Marketing Support, eCommerce website support i.e. What is a Replicated Website? and so much more.

Enough about us.  We’ve shown you a few of the highly effective products available to you and your network of Customers and Entrepreneurs – so how about we  talk about the Affiliate eCommerce Opportunity we have available to you today?


About the Network Marketing Affiliate Opportunity

building Successful online Businesses.

What is the Business about?

Are you looking for an e-commerce Plug & Play Business with no overheads, no need for staff, offices, warehousing, delivery trucks, products or formal infrastructure?

To be able to work from home or anywhere and travel a lot?

That’s what the Business is about.  It’s a potentially big Business without the hassle of owning a big Business.

As our Success is nothing without you, we also show you how to promote your e-Commerce Business online, give you the necessary SEO tips to get you featuring on Google and a lot more.

building Successful online Businesses.

You can Work from Anywhere

Requirements – Access to wifi and a smart phone

Are you looking for an Affiliate e-commerce Plug & Play Business

with no overheads, no need for staff, no offices, no warehousing, no delivery trucks, no products to produce or formal infrastructure?

Would you like to be able to work from home or anywhere and also get to travel a lot?

(Ever wondered if Working from Home was good for you?)

join us in Cabo San Lucas

What about Travelling?

Do you enjoy travelling? Travelling with your Team, or your family and friends – or alone?

To exotic destinations, all expenses paid, from your front door? On a regular basis?

If yes, have a look at a recent travel incentive teaser video to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a US Affiliate Business partnership of ours below.

Contact Us about building a Successful Affiliate Business for yourself online.

Building solid e-commerce Businesses within the $200 billion global Anti-Ageing Industry.

About Our Anti-aging Affiliate Businesses
What about the Financial Rewards?

With Affiliate companies delivering to over 80 countries, ambitious entrepreneurs within your global network of customers and entrepreneurs gain access to this expansive market, regardless of their location.

Not only do the health and wellness products boast solid scientific backing, but you also gain access to a lucrative US dollar-based online business model for accelerated success.

What’s in it for you?

You receive a US dollar-based Affiliate Business, complete with an e-commerce retail store and shopping cart. Additionally, you gain access to a comprehensive Business Dashboard, featuring statistics, graphs, referrals, payouts, website visits, creatives, order details, and lifetime customer information – all at no extra cost. (one New Zealand Affiliate opportunity pays commission in SA Rands, if preferable to you)

With these resources at your disposal, building a robust e-commerce business online becomes straightforward, with our unwavering support and assistance. And let’s not forget Instantly Ageless’ new AI Ad Generator – it’s automagic in every way possible.

Are commission payments paid monthly?

In our commitment to helping others achieve significant incomes, our independent distributors are rewarded twice monthly with US dollar commission payments, delivered via Paypal or your bank account, depending on your location.

It all just works seamlessly, right from Day 1.

The Instantly Ageless Affiliate Programme

Our online Affiliate e-commerce business model is simple yet innovative, underpinning many global successes today. It operates as a one-level Affiliate program, where you earn 30% of sales made through your website link. Additionally, you earn a 5% commission on the sales generated by those you refer. Plus, you retain your customers for life as long as you remain an active affiliate of the company.

The affiliate company has independent entrepreneurs successfully running their own mini-franchise businesses worldwide.

It’s been incredibly rewarding witnessing Instantly Ageless’ global footprint expand daily, as new affiliate team members and customers join us.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you on board soon.

At Xtreme Business Network, we’re dedicated to helping you build an online affiliate business that you and your family can depend on.

Join us in building anti-aging affiliate businesses online.
Anti-aging Affiliate

So what do you need to get started?

You need a Success Mindset.

Then you need to be coachable, ambitious & positive by nature.  The idea of Success gets you waking up excited every day.

Self motivated go-getter type personalities do really well in our Business.

Working Environment

You need to enjoy working online – and from home or anywhere for that matter. A love for travelling a lot will be beneficial.

Coffee shops, hotel restaurants, pool and beach bars, airport lounges – anywhere there is good wifi for your mobile device.

Or from your home office or sofa.  Whatever suits you. Whenever it suits you. Always.

Let’s Chat

Sound like you? If yes, then contact me, as our Business Opportunity may just be what you have been looking for.

Let’s chat. Let me introduce you to our million dollar earners and Team Leaders in Florida, USA.

Let’s see how we can make it work for you.

PS. Don’t forget to check out our highly effective, attention-seeking products that follow below…

Looking forward to chatting to you soon.

Karen Roux

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Contact Us at Ageless @ Xtreme Business Network, Cape Town, South Africa so that we can show you more About Our Anti-aging Affiliate Businesses
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Watch the model’s right (left facing screen) under eye bag – and the mobile phone timer too..

Did you miss this video on our home page?

Did we get your attention? 

You want access to in-demand products such as this eye bag removal solution?

A temporary solution that works right in front of your eyes. A product that comes with a money back Guarantee and huge earning potential?

Bet you are wondering if there is a permanent solution too now..

(Please note that certain products within the range may have changed, which will be discussed in more detail of course)

About Our Anti-aging Affiliate Businesses

# 1

Temporary-effects eye bag removal solution

You saw this temporary effects fast solution for under eye bags, fine line and wrinkle removal in the first 1 minute video above.

It is about Advanced Argireline and Silicate Technology and lasts 6 to 9 hours.

Would you agree that Instant Gratification doesn’t get a lot better than this..?

About Our Anti-aging Affiliate Businessesonline

# 2

Serum for Permanent-effects

Unless you prefer to focus on our Permanent-effects skin care product line, using scientifically produced, Proprietary blend stem cell technology.

Adult stem cell tech.  Allow Diane to show you more.

Anti-aging Affiliate

# 3

The 2 minute Pain Relief solution

  Pain Relief in only 2 minutes

Do you know of anyone that suffers pain? This natural topical analgesic with FDA over-the-counter Approval is available to you and your Network of Customers today.

At Xtreme Business Network we are about helping you build your own Anti-aging Affiliate Businesses online – with our support and the infrastructure that’s already in place for your Success.

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