Is a Replicated Website easy to get, to maintain and how much does it cost? Can you make a lot of money with a replicated website?
Can you save a lot of money with a replicated website?

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Firstly, What is a REPLICATED or Duplicated WEBSITE?

A replicated website is a template for a website, which may be distributed and/or duplicated for a number of different users.

It can be customized for those users too.
(html code is the same, with just User Names & Profiles being tailored to the needs of each individual agent or distributor.)


Duplicated or Replicated websites are very popular in Network Marketing businesses. What is great for Affiliates is that almost all work on websites is done by the holding Company/Brand.


Depending on the Brand you join, some replicated website facilities are free. Others cost around $29 or more for a year. These cost vary from Company to Company.

You don’t ‘own’ the website. It’s more like a lease in a way. In return for the product or service transactions you & your Network of Customers & Agents process online.  Affiliate

Replicated/Duplicated Website EXAMPLE

An Affiliate like ours for example, every now and again and for a limited time period only, offers at a cost of only $1, a mini Distribution Business, including free Replicated or Duplicated Website, Shopping Cart and Retail store.

Ts & Cs always apply to heavily discounted offers like these, with a particular opportunity for Africa, Europe & Middle East in mind, expiring shortly.

There are many opportunities out there that include a Duplicated Website. Especially once you have set you mind to finding something that really appeals to you, your skill set and income requirements.

Replicated Website RENEWAL

Some Companies Replicated Websites. including wholesale product access cost nothing to renew and others charge up to around $19, again varying from Company to Company.

Many who purchase monthly on a regular basis (known as Autoship or SmartDelivery) may not necessarily pay renewal fees. This is because their purchases go some way towards the Company’s website enhancements and maintenance costs.

Very clever that actually.

Can you SAVE a lot of MONEY from a Replicated Website?

Paying someone to build your own e-commerce website can cost anywhere from $350 to $1350 (R5k to R20k). These costs are depending on whether a Shopping Cart and other features are included or not.

The Annual Domain Renewal is cheap – $6 or R90. But that’s often the only cheap part of running your own website.

You can of course build your own website using WordPress and Elementor for example. But then you need to have the time, the content and a passion for online creation. Plus cash for certain marketing tools, although Plug-ins are generally free.

Yes, getting yourself a Duplicated Website really can save you a lot of money.

Can you MAKE a lot of MONEY from a Replicated Website?

If you choose your Affiliate Company well, you can earn well. Earnings are also dependent on how serious you are about your own Success.

A love for interacting and socializing is a plus. This is because Networking and Social Selling is behind much of the Industry’s known successes.
They say that the quality of your Network determines your Networth.
How well you Network and grow your Network can propel the rate of your Success greatly.

At an unprecedented time for Global health and wealth, the opportunity to have a Big Business without the hassles of a big business is most attractive to many. Especially those that are looking for additional income or a side hustle.

Choose wisely and you could very well surprise yourself at how much extra income is actually possible, especially if choosing in-demand driven Industries such a Anti-ageing, Wellness, Fitness, e-Commerce and Wealth Creation.

To your Success

Karen Roux 

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What is a Replicated Website?
What is a Replicated Website?